How Boostmyfeed works

The purpose of this page is to give a simple insigt into the Boostmyfeed platform to make it easier to understand how to work with it and how to use it properly.

Boostmyfeed in 60 seconds

In the shortest form Boostmyfeed does the following:

  1. Imports a product feed
  2. Runs the data through the Boostmyfeed algorithm to optimize the data structure
  3. Outputs your optimized product feed to any channel of your choice

The Boostmyfeed Architecture

When working with a platform a glimpse under the hood can greatly help you understand how to use it wisely. That what we’ll try to give you in this section.

Boostmyfeed consists of three main subsystems arranged separately around the core – Data Optimization.

  1. Boostmyfeed Data Sync Infrastructure: The purpose of this system is to sync all relevant data from the original product feed.
  2. Boostmyfeed Algorithm: The purpose of this system is to analyze the data, optimize it with the Boostmyfeed algorithm and apply the user added edits. This is all done to achieve a better data structure and make it ready for output.
  3. Boostmyfeed Output: The purpose of this system is to output flawless data feeds and answer customer intent queries on demand.

The Boostmyfeed Infrastructure

The purpose of the Boostmyfeed Data Sync Infrastructure is to make sure that Boostmyfeed at all times have the correct data in order to make the correct outputs. If you see a drop in feed generation it is 99.99% because some fields are missing or the wrong data has been synced to Boostmyfeed. We do offer a Data Health dashboard for each channel to help detect data bottlenecks.

The synchronization infrastructure is two layered:

  1. The Boostmyfeed Core Importer takes data in an internally well-defined format and validates and stores it
  2. The Boostmyfeed Core Importer loads data from the given data feed into the Core Core Importer

With this system Boostmyfeed is able to support any platform and data formats with an extremely small overhead.

Every time you start a Data Sync in the Boostmyfeed backend you load an instance of your selected data feed which loads and syncs data from your data feed into Boostmyfeed.

Data Syncs are also scheduled to be run automatically depending on the get time set for each feed under settings. It is possible to run the automatic Data Sync more than once a day.


BoostmyfeedCore is the heart of Boostmyfeed. This is where we optimize and generate flawless data feeds.

A data feed is periodically analyzed dependent on the set get time.

Once data is loaded to the BoostmyfeedCore we let our algorithm do the magic. Analyzation of data is done on the fly upon changes by the user. This process is never visible nor will it leave you hanging on the frontend. Hit update and we will let you know once the run is done.