Some product feeds only updates once per day and some might update every 6th hour, 12th hour and so on… This depends on the setup at your webshop.

As we would always like to keep the product feeds used for external platforms updated we allow you to update the exported feed more than once per day and according to the update of your original feed.

It’s done in a quite simple way.

  1. Click to the Boosttool tab and activate the Intertvals Boosttool.
  2. Choose how often you would like to update your product feeds from Boostmyfeed


Please be aware that this tool only comes in handy if the orginal product feed is updated more than once per day.

If the original product feed from your webshop is just updated once per day it won’t help to update your Boostmyfeed tool every 6th or 12th hour. The exported data would in this case remain the same.