The Image Prettifier Boosttool solves two common issues when it comes to product feeds:

  1. It adds a backgground to transparent product images
  2. It makes product images square

Why add a background to transparent images?
Google Shopping among other channels doesn’t like product images being with transparent backgground.

Instead of adding a neutral background to product images imported to Google Merchant Center with transparent background – Google adds a black background making images look awful.

This is solved when you get in control of images having a transparent background. You decide which background to add instead – white is the most common though.

Why make product images square?
Most channels are using square product images in their adds. For this reason the different platforms crop product images in the most weird ways to make them fit their add formats.

To avoid unwanted background colors and weird cropping of product images just activate the Image Prettifier Boosttool. It’s quite cool, right? 😉

The Image Prettifier Boosttool doesn’t affect the Facebook feed if Dynamic Skin is in use.