A sports webshop is a great examble to fully exploit the functionality of compose fields.

The original {title} field from the sports webshop feed was:

Nike Air Max Emergent

… the wish was to make this title hold even more info about the product being sold

With offset in the above imported {title} attribute and the wish of an optimized {title} field – the following combination of different tools where setup:

#1 Search & replace – To remove the brand from the {title}

IF {title} {contains} [Nike] THAN {replace match} OF {title} WITH []

#2 Color Suggest – To get the {color} field filled out
Activate the Boosttool – ‘Color Suggest’. It simply looks at your product image and returns the color of the product and prints this to the {color} field.

#3 Compose data
At last but not least we have to setup the composed field itself

{{brand}} - {{title}} - {{gender}} {{color}} - size {{size}}

The result:

Nike – Air Max Emergent – male black – size 44