Got no {gender} field in your product feed – and it’s required? No worries!

With a simple search & replace rule you’re able to add a {gender} field to the exported product feeds. If your products applies to all genders then you may just do this simple rule to add the unisex attribute to the {gender} field

IF {gender} {is} [] THAN {replace value} OF {gender} WITH [unisex]

The more advanced procedure could be as follows.

Do you have a gender mentioned in the {title} or maybe you could think of another way to predict the preferred gender of your products?

IF {brand} {is} [Chanel] THAN {replace value} OF {gender} WITH [female]
IF {description} {contains} [male] THAN {replace value} OF {gender} WITH [male]
IF {price} {>} [300] THAN {replace value} OF {gender} WITH [female]

… the suggestions above is exambles of how you may be creative with your search & replace rules to achieve the best possible {gender} field for your flawless product feeds.