How to schedule my data feed generation with Boostmyfeed?

Boostmyfeed provides you with the option to schedule the ‘Get Time’ for each data feed. This feature you’ll find in the settings tab for each data feed. We also allows scheduling of your data feeds more than once per day. Just check out the “Boosttool – Interval Update” tool.

How does the category mapping work?

The category names you’re using at your platform might not, in most cases, be the same as the ones used by the channell you wish to have your products published at. This means you have to find out which channel related category have the best match with yours, according to the channel categorytree. Example, if […]

How to download a data feed?

To download your data feed, you need to: Generate/update the file Right-click on the “link” Choose the ‘Save as’ option

What is the difference between Data Sync and update feed?

Data Sync: On click of this button we update the data stored in your Boostmyfeed account with data from our provided data feed. Update feed: On click of any “update feed” button we update the given feed. On click we use the stored data to update the data feed requested. Therefore, if no changes have […]

My channel feed doesn’t hold any products?

First of all check your product list in the product tab at the feed page. If you see the products in this list; then something else might be up. Reach out to us and we will give it a review.

New products are not added to my Boostmyfeed account?

By default we sync with your original data feed once per day. But you maybe use the force sync right now if you like. Just hit the “Data Sync” button in the top right corner of your feed page and we will begin this process straight away. You’ll be notified when your data is in […]

Product count is displayed in red color?

This means that your feed doesn’t hold any products, yet. Did you remember to map up your fields using the field-mapping tool? If yes and there’s still no products – then reach out to us, please!

I don’t see any products?

Did you remember to map up your fields, using the ‘field mapping’ feature? Did you hit “save” after mapping them – and did it notify you with a message saying that it’s done? If 2 x yes, then something must be up – email us and we will review the case and get back to […]

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