How to

Force Data Sync manually

You might have done a lot of edits in your CMS system – could be adding new products, adding a new attribute and so on. Normally Boostmyfeed will update this data on the set Get Time – but you’re actually able to speed up this process. Simply hit the “Data Sync” button and we’re rolling.

Remove HTML tags from product feeds

Boostmyfeed allows you to remove HTML tags from your product feed. Most recipents of your product feed don’t accept any HTML tags in the product feed you provide for them. It needs to be removed. Inline CSS is a quick solution for the non-technical e-commerce manager – whatever it’s done with a WYSIWYG editor or […]

Customize UPPERCASE content

Maybe your product feed export from your webshop or from your supplier contains content which hold UPPERCASE content Some platforms might not want any content being in UPPERCASE or at least they might want you to reduce the density of UPPERCASE content. No worries. Boostmyfeed have a tool for that! Click to your Boosttools and […]

Compose your own fields

A sports webshop is a great examble to fully exploit the functionality of compose fields. The original {title} field from the sports webshop feed was: Nike Air Max Emergent … the wish was to make this title hold even more info about the product being sold With offset in the above imported {title} attribute and […]

Add yes/no to the {adult} field

Do you want to make sure that the recipent of your product feed knows that your products are or maybe not are for adults? This you’re able to tell by using the {adult} field. Apply a simple search & replace rule like: IF {adult} {is} [] THAN {replace value} OF {adult} WITH [no] On the […]

Add a {gender} field

Got no {gender} field in your product feed – and it’s required? No worries! With a simple search & replace rule you’re able to add a {gender} field to the exported product feeds. If your products applies to all genders then you may just do this simple rule to add the unisex attribute to the […]

Get the {color} from another field

The {color} field is often an empty field in product feeds. Most have this attribute mentioned in another field. Among other fields it could be mentioned in the {title} or {description} field. By adding a simple search & replace rule we’re able to retrieve the color of the product from another field and print it […]

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