Getting started

Get started with the Image Prettifier Boosttool

The Image Prettifier Boosttool solves two common issues when it comes to product feeds: It adds a backgground to transparent product images It makes product images square Why add a background to transparent images? Google Shopping among other channels doesn’t like product images being with transparent backgground. Instead of adding a neutral background to product […]

Get started with the Intervals Boosttool

Some product feeds only updates once per day and some might update every 6th hour, 12th hour and so on… This depends on the setup at your webshop. As we would always like to keep the product feeds used for external platforms updated we allow you to update the exported feed more than once per […]

Get started with the Color Suggest Boosttool

The Color Suggest Boosttool is a new way of adding content to your product feed. Automatically. Some product feeds might already have the {color} attribute exported from their webshop but most don’t. This is where the Color Suggest Boosttool comes in handy! Simply click to the Boosttool tab and activate this tool. When activated the […]

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